Information about YÖS exam

About the YOS Exam in Turkey

Hello! In this blog post, we will provide information about the Foreign Student Examination (YÖS) in Turkey and tell you how you can be successful.

What is YÖS?

YÖS is an exam for the admission of foreign students to universities in Turkey. YÖS aims to measure students’ Turkish language skills and academic abilities.

How Does the YÖS Exam Work?

The YÖS exam usually consists of multiple choice questions and covers subjects such as mathematics, science, Turkish and social sciences. The exam is prepared according to the standards set by universities in Turkey.

How Should You Prepare for the YÖS Exam?

Here are some tips you should consider while preparing for the YÖS exam:

  • Start the YÖS exam early and create a regular study schedule.
  • Focus on math and science subjects, but don’t forget to improve your Turkish language skills as well.
  • Participate in YÖS practice exams and gain exam experience.
  • As EDU PERMIT, we offer you professional YÖS preparation programs. We can help you choose the most suitable program for you.

YÖS Application with EDU PERMIT

As EDU PERMIT, we are experts in bringing students from abroad to Turkey. We guide you through the preparation process for the YÖS exam and guide your applications. Contact us and apply to the university of your dreams!

We hope this blog post has provided you with useful information about the YÖS exam. Do not hesitate to contact us for your questions.

Information about YÖS exam

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